Monday, March 17, 2008

New in Monday, March 17th- Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

We're sure this will make you green with envy, but we've just gotta brag- today we gotten in a bunch more swag! (Sorry- no limericks- I never have been able to get them right!)

New in today- ClearSnap rollers in two sizes for clear stamps- VERY COOL.. create your own repeating borders and use whatever stamp pad you want or pop one of the specially designed pads in to have endless ink!

Paper House papers in assorted themes. We received some new Elvis paper, new travel destinations like Alaska and Canada, new wine paper, road trip, band/music and more!

Fancy Pants Paper, transparent glitter die cuts, and rub ons are super cute! The Transparency Glitter Die Cuts are very cool and very different, but are also very un-photogenic. You'll have to stop in the store to see those! There are 8 new lines of Fancy Pants paper with matching rub-ons. (click on the images to see it in ALMOST life size- dependent on the size of your monitor!)