Thursday, September 11, 2008

KI Memories Sheers, Heidi Grace & Fancy Pants

KI Memories new Sheers are really NEAT. They're a light weight vinyl with printing and the edges are *shaped*. I can see some totally awesome holiday or party table layouts and decorations done with these. Someone jokingly called them place mats (because of the material) but I would *absolutely LOVE* to do a spread with these as my place mats, with stamped place cards , ribbon on the glasses and some coordinating paper crafted centerpieces. (I just wish there was a Halloween one because then I could use Danielle's Haunted Topiary as my centerpiece! Although that black swirl could be Halloween...)

And speaking of Halloween, the papers missing from our last Heidi Grace shipment arrived and they are **SO** worth the wait! Heidi Grace is one of my all time favorite papers and I think her Halloween line is going to be my favorite again this year- it doesn't hurt at all that it's purple!

Also, the rest of Regan's Closet arrived and i have to say, this is a line that quickly became a favorite- I mean, I liked it when the regular cardstock papers arrived, but now, it's "WOW!". It's amazing how differently you see the papers when they're all together. The Shimmer Flocked Argyle is so pretty and would make some really awesome cards. The colors are soft enough that these papers could be for baby pages, announcements, thank yous, but are also bright and fresh enough that they could be anything else as well!

And finally, Fancy Pants- long awaited! (the 8x8 paper pads are SUPER cool) The top two rows are the Holiday paper and they are so deliciously rich! New clear glittered embellishments arrived also (they just don't photograph well- maybe they're shy!) The Daily Grind is in the next two rows and it is just a great line for pretty much anything! Starbucks mornings with your girlfriends, coworker gatherings, life in general... it's very versatile. (if you look on their blog you'll see all sorts of inspiration) And finally, the bottom two rows are All Fall. There is an inspirational quote page that has some really nice stuff on it- some of my favorite quotes- perfect for pages *and* cards. Nice, rich fall colors, but with patterns that are great for Back-to-School, fall carnivals, family gatherings... I just love it when paper can be used for so many different things!