Monday, December 22, 2008

The Winner of our Blog Post Contest....

Is Joanne/tojoco! We chose her by numbering the comments from 1 - 14 and pulling a number. Joanne- please come by the store and ask for your prize! :)

Watch for our next blog give away to begin soon after the Holiday! It's a *signed* copy of Stacy Julian's book "The Big Picture".

And, in case you're one of those last minute shoppers (I finished my shopping this morning!) and you're a little stressed, here's something that should make you at least smile. (we all laughed out loud and got funny looks)


tojoco said...

Wow I'm totally surprised. I love the look of that scrapbook kit and can't wait to start on it. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

Tasha said...

I hope this is coming out soon! I've been blog stalking!