Monday, February 8, 2010

Closing Early on account of weather

Hey - hope everyone is enjoying their snow day (4th one this year!!! WOW!). Get out there and snap some pictures to scrapbook!

Here in Bartlett, they're predicting sleet/rain/snow in the afternoon, so we're going to close at 4pm . Better to be safe than sorry and I would hate it if something happened to a customer or employee because they were out on the roads and they were a little icy.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Blog for tomorrow's hours. They're predicting more of the same and the temperature is supposed to be lower tomorrow than today, so ice is a definite possibility.

Share those photos on Facebook! Hopefully, I'll be out taking some of my own tomorrow. Maybe I'll get out of bed super early and get some sunrise on the snow pics. We'll see what the cats think about that!

Take care!