Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Attention all STAMPERS!

We need your crafty opinion! 

Have you heard about the new Teresa Collins Stampmaker machine?

This is how she describes it on her blog: 
It creates clear photo polymer stamps. They are just like the Teresa Collins stamps that you can purchase from my lines. The packets of polymer are pink until you put them in the machine and then your stamps will be CLEAR. You can create AMAZING detailed quality clear stamps, embossing dies and stencils ALL with the TC STAMPMAKER. The kit includes EVERYTHING you need. You have no mixing or anything... it's literally a 5 minute process to CREATE a stamp. I cannot believe how EASY it is. You can order MORE supplies as needed- I offer refill packages of the film, photo polymer, etc.

If you'd like to see it in action, please take a moment to review this demo video, then let us know if this is something you would be interested in purchasing. The suggested retail price is $169.99.


Melynda said...

That seems beyond cool-- i was actually curious just the other day when someone would release something like this to do at home.

My questions:

How do you make your own negative image? Is it something you do with your home printer?

Hoe much would replacement negative films cost? (IE--are they so expensive that the thought of making your own stamp is just out of reach?)