Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips & Tidbits from The Garden

     Today's Tidbit is about Craftworks New Candi!       Candi are high quality paper circles that are just like brads....only legless. This means easy and inexpensive application. Well, while playing in the scrapbook garden we discovered a cool idea. Why not use these cute blinged out little circles to create flowers!  Simply use your favorite liquid glue or for less mess a Gluber on a large circle for the base of the flower. Then using the candi upside down place three in the center to start your flower. Next continue in a circle adding candi and slightly overlapping them and tucking them slightly under the previous layer until your flower is the size you desire. Need more help or a closer look at these cool flowers?  Well, you can find Craftworks Candi and this demo in our Store today!


Susan B ~ said...

How cool is that! Love flowers and this is a great idea!! TFS